Convenient & hassle-free offer: EV charger paid out by monthly installments + CHRG NETWORK APP for automated payment collection.We give 360′ support so you can concentrate on your own business.

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Why should you choose our service?

Hassle free operating

You setup charger and we take care of customer onboarding and support.

Automated payment collection

With CHRG Network App payments will be collected automated way so no customer contracts or customer support from your side

No paper contracts with end customers

We take care of contracts with end customers via App. Your job is to setup charger and we take care of the rest

Minimal cost to Start charging business

We may give possibility to choose payments for charger via monthly instalments

ALL in ONE solution for customers with different needs


Get best charger for charging at home
FOR COMPANIES – use CHRG Network App to pay for employees EV charging at home

Monthly payment includes:


More info about station and offer»

Home package from

29,99 €/month.


Cost effective solution to charge two EVs in parking lot. Includes CHRG Network App for payment collection and load balancing

Monthly payment includes:


More info about station and offer»

Business package from

59,99 €/month.

Business Premium

Premium (industrial grade) solution to charge two EVs in pasrking lot. Includes CHRG Network App for payment collection and load balancing

Monthly payment includes:

Elinta Citycharge V2

More info about station and offer »

Business premium package from

119,99 €/month.

What do you get with CHRG network app

system for access control, automated payment collection and charging statistics

To provide charging business to end customers you may need to take care of many things, like user access control, payment collection, station monitoring and customer support when necessary. With CHRG NETWORK App we solve all these challenges for you

Flexible loadbalancing solutions to make sure limited output is used in optimal way

In many locations there is limited output of electricity available. We will find a solution for you to maximise the use of your electric output and make it available for EV charging

This way we will help you prevent electric fuses going off and will help maximise your income from EV charging even with limited electric supply

Please note – aditional smart meter need to be installed in your electric panel

Frequantly asked questions (FAQ)

How do you book a charger from us?

Select best offer from the list which corresponds your needs and fill in our request form.

Receive price offer wrom us with contract details. Make initial payment and send us signed contract

We will send you a charger and help coordinate installation & setup

How are payments for EV charging collected?

EV driver will will use CHRG Network App to initiate charging session. After charging session is done payment will be deducted from his card tou CHRG Network account. End of each month we will transfer money (minus our processing fee) to your account.

You will have option to give discount or free charging (f.e. employees) for selected users

What is included in monthly payment?

You choose how to split payments in most convenient way for you. We offer

– EV station (‘Buy now’ or ‘Split payments’ possible)

-CHRG Network App to monitor & restrict access (Free) or automated payment collection & load balancing (for monthly fee)

Why we do not include installation cost to our offering?

Cost of installation will vary depending on each location. Site inpesction and evaluation needs to be done. It is more optimal to arrange it with local electrical installer. We will offer our partners at your location.

What is duration of contract?

You may choose 12 or 24 month duration pay out charger or you may choose BUY NOW option then no contract is required.

Five steps to complete purchase

Select best offer for your needs


Read then select a packet from our offering and send us request form

Price and agreement offer


We will shortly come back with drafted agreement and our best price offer



You make initial payment and we sign agreement a



Station installation and setup coordination

Start collecting payments!


Now you can start collecting payments for charging service provided. Call to our client support if any questions – +385 95 3530 445

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